A better snackcomes
from oats

What is your Oatis moment like?

Share your Oatis moment on Oatis Facebook page or Instagram with hashtag #kaurasnacks for a chance to win a year’s supply of crispy Oatis snacks! The winner will be announced on 1.9.2018.


It’s OK to treat yourself. Cherish the moments and turn them into everyday pleasures. Be nice to yourself. Have a treat, a crispy Oatis oat chip – You deserve it! The gentle, tasty oat chip makes every day better, one bite of oat goodness at a time!

A balanced mix of oat goodness and taste

Amidst the hectic daily life, well-being is found in the little things: A good training session, comfort of the couch, a friend’s smile. Everyday chores come easier if you just remember to be nice to yourself!

Everyday wellbeing comes from living in the moment. Focus on the important things, and ask yourself – Which Oatis should I taste next?


Less fat & salt

crisply rich in fibre

gluten & lactose free


Live in the moment! Treat yourself and share your Oatis moment with us to make our days better, one bite of oat goodness at a time.